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$48.3 Billion in Spending Offers GovCon Opportunity

The newly created State Fiscal Stabilization Fund is shifting a total of $48.3 billion from the Federal budget to the states in an unprecedented opportunity to realize the stimulus effect envisioned by the current administration. The question of how the states will be able to absorb and spend these dollars, along with the billions of federal dollars that will be spent in-state will require the support of agile government contractors across the country.

Al Gordon, president of National Strategies, Inc. (NSI) has been helping firms and specializes in helping to coordinate government contractors and officials of state and local governments. “The state and local government market has never experienced such a significant and short term increase in funding for such a wide variety of programs and purposes,” Gordon said when asked about the Stimulus.

Gordon will be speaking at an upcoming ExecutiveBiz event on how to win state and local stimulus dollars during this year of spending anomalies. Of the stated budget, $39.5 billion would support K-12 education grants and serves to complement the existing spending and budget. This breakfast event is being held on June 10 at The Tower Club. Members and guests can register here.


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