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Demand for Stimulus Information Drives Attendance at Silicon Valley Symposium

Business-to-Government experts from NSI shared their insights on the Stimulus Symposium held in Silicon Valley on March 27, 2009. The Symposium was held in partnership between NSI and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (www.svlg.org), where experts from all levels of government and industry provided an in-depth review of the stimulus bill, the opportunity areas for businesses to target, timing of the government spending, how decisions will be made on projects to fund, and the reporting requirements. Presentations and bios are available on the NSI website, www.nationalstrategies.com. (See the Briefs menu at left.)

Nearly 350 people attended the Symposium, and the audience included government officials, executives from companies across all industries, investors and not for profit leaders.

“Even the most sophisticated organizations are still trying to get their arms around the stimulus funding because they realize this is an incredible business opportunity,” said Al Gordon, CEO of NSI. “Several attendees commented that this was the first time they had received an in-depth briefing on the mechanics of the stimulus. Companies really need to act now to leverage this enormous market opportunity, so we were happy to be able to fill this void.”

Al Gordon led the general session by providing an overview of the stimulus package and the impact it has on industry. Dale Bonner, California Secretary of Business, Transportation and Housing spoke about the stimulus as it pertained to the State. Break-out sessions then followed, where industry experts led detailed sessions on Energy and the Environment, Technology, Transportation, Health, and Education. These presentations included numerous experts from each industry, discussing the specific streams of funding are being disbursed to the state and local governments, industry specific funding opportunities and vehicles, timing of the fund flows, and transparency/reporting requirements.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity for businesses to significantly increase their revenue from the government market,” said Roy Cales, Managing Director of NSI and also Former CIO for the State of Florida. “Billions of dollars of funding are flowing to projects that the private sector can deliver on. But state governments are complex buyers, and it is critical that a business competing in this space be adept at positioning themselves strategically and navigating through the system. Those companies that are most prepared will also be the ones who maximize their opportunities.”

“A major emphasis of the stimulus funding is on climate change,” said Kevin Mathews, Vice President of NSI’s Energy and Environment sector. Mathews previously served on Administrator Carol M. Browner’s staff within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “Funding will be flowing for policies and projects that support green initiatives across all industries and this will open up new markets for innovative companies. Companies that are proactive and work together with policy makers to shape opportunities will stand to drive significant revenue and change in a much needed arena.”

A separate session on Transportation was led by Mary Ann Crotty, transportation authority and advisor having worked on many large-scale transportation projects around the world. Actively serving on the advisory boards to the Independent Budget Office in New York City and several years of experience at executive level positions with legislative and executive branches of New York State Government, transportation executives gained a view of the infrastructure funds and how to prepare to work within the framework of the stimulus.

Jeff Gruin, Director of PRTM’s healthcare services practice also conducted a session on the stimulus and how it impacts Healthcare organizations. He brings 25 years of experience as an executive and an expert consultant in healthcare services policy, strategy, consumerism, information technology, and innovation.


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