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Former Maryland Governor Parris Glendening Joins NSI

Washington, D.C. — December 1, 2008 — National Strategies, LLC (NSI), a nationally recognized business-to-government consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., announced today that former Maryland Governor Parris Glendening has joined the firm. As a Senior Advisor for Environmental and Energy for NSI, Governor Glendening will collaborate with NSI’s team members to develop legislative and market strategies at the state and local levels for NSI’s clients. Efforts will not include direct lobbying.

“We are fortunate to have Governor Glendening on our team and the vast knowledge he has cultivated over the years,” said Al Gordon, CEO of NSI. “The Governor’s unique blend of public service and experience across industries provides a wealth of insight that will augment the value we provide to our clients within our Energy and Environment, Public Safety, Education, and Transportation Practices.”

“What gets me excited about NSI is the firm’s focus on creating and opening new markets,” said Governor Glendening. “When you bridge the gap between business and government with the right strategies, you create a platform for innovation, emerging markets and, as a result, job creation. It’s very exciting to be a part of a team that has the capability to foster the growth of our economy, especially during a time of economic downturn. With the emergence of the green economy, more companies will be expanding their environmental sustainability efforts. The potential for growth across the national economy is extraordinary.”

During his tenure as Maryland’s Governor from 1995–2003, Governor Glendening instituted policies and initiatives that were nationally recognized for their innovative approach and successful outcomes that had an impact across various markets.

On the environmental front, Governor Glendening positioned Maryland as a national leader in the fight to preserve existing open space, protect natural resources and reinvigorate established communities with his Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Initiative.

The Governor also instituted innovative programs such as community policing and HotSpots within the public safety arena. His commitment to keeping Maryland’s communities safe led to one of the strongest anti-gun violence measures in the nation and a decrease in Maryland’s crime rate at nearly twice as fast as the national average.

Education is also a top priority for Governor Glendening. During his first term he took steps to increase aid to primary and secondary education by more than $600 million. In addition, funds to build and modernize classrooms more than doubled, allowing for the building and modernization of schools and Maryland’s HOPE scholarship program was established ensuring that all high school students with good grades have access to higher education.

The Governor continues to lead in all of these arenas through his involvement with Smart Growth America where he is currently President of the Smart Growth Leadership Institute (www.sgli.org), which is committed to working with state and local elected, civic and business to balance the demands for future community development with the need to build healthy and sustainable communities.


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