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Government Procurement Expert Shares Best Practices

Albany, NY — September 23, 2009 — Ruth Walters and Arthur M. Brown, President and Sr. Vice President of The Walters Consulting Group, the New York State division of National Strategies, LLC (NSI) launched a day-long seminar on “The RFP Process” at the Government Technology Conference (GTC) East in Albany, New York. The seminar provided state and local government officials with best practices for procuring technology services and products and contract management. Walters and Brown were invited to conduct the session because of their nationally known expertise in technology, business and government procurement.

GTC East: The New York Digital Government Summit, is an event designed to bring together state and local governments at all levels to facilitate learning and networking in order to find the best solutions to New York’s business and technology challenges.

“Now more than ever, all state and local governments nationally need effective procurement systems that stimulate competition and drive better value for the taxpayer. This is especially important as the federal government processes billions of dollars in economic stimulus funding.” said Ruth Walters. “It’s essential that we learn and share best practices for contracting to ensure that the procurement offices are able to meet the service and efficiency levels expected today.”

Topics covered in “The RFP Process” seminar included: understanding the context of the New York State government procurement process; managing the procurement planning process; how best to meet an organization’s technology needs; how vendors determine what public sector business opportunities to bid on and effectively managing vendor performance. Also conducting the seminar was John Moriarty, Assistant Comptroller, Division of Contracts & Expenditures, NYS Office of the State Comptroller, a known expert on New York State procurement and technology acquisitions.

Ruth Walters and Arthur Brown, of the Walters Consulting Group have held high level positions in both the government and private sector. Walters worked in senior level positions within former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo’s office. She also served as a top level aide to two New York State Assembly Speakers of the House and as an Assistant Comptroller in the New York Office of the State Comptroller. Brown is a former Regional Administrator for the New York State Department of Social Services, the Deputy County Executive of Albany County and The Chief Information Officer of Albany County. He has also held senior public sector business development positions at EDS and Deloitte Consulting LP and recently received an award from the NYS Forum for exceptional contributions in the area of public sector procurement.


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