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Joyal slated to moderate at GovSec

Washington, D.C. — January 23, 2008 — NSI’s Paul Joyal is slated to moderate a session at the upcoming GovSec Government Security Expo and Conference on the topic The Brave New World of the 5 Day War: Where Cyber and Military Might Combined.

A combined and coordinated cyber and military engagement between two sovereign countries is now a reality. The five-day war between Russia and Georgia showed how non-governmental and criminal organizations were used to launch a coordinated attack in the months prior to and during the actual conflict.

This session will discuss the origins of the Russian Information Warfare doctrine as developed within the Russian General staff. It will compare and contrast the cyber attacks in Estonia to the sophistication and coordination of the attacks against the Georgian infrastructure as a prelude to war. Details on how the global use of private and criminal structures was used to avoid detection and as an attempt to provide deniability to the Russian government’s military and intelligence community. The steps being taken to protect against future attacks will also be outlined.

Mr. Joyal, with over 10 years as a security advisor to Georgia and a Russian intelligence expert, will be joined by a representative of the Georgian government and a senior analyst of the cyber attacks conducted against Georgia.


For more information, please contact Heather Sabharwal at hsabharwal@kglobal.com or 202-349-7016.