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New network to drive cost-saving energy solutions

There’s been a lot of talk on Capital Hill lately about saving ourselves from the slippery slope of increasing debt. No one answer will solve all of our economic woes, but some solutions don’t won’t a cent.

The State Energy Efficiency Action Network is one of them. The network, created by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is meant to help states achieve maximum cost effective energy efficiency improvements in homes, offices, buildings and industry by 2020, according to a recent announcement.

“The State Energy Efficiency Action Network will help provide states with the technical and policy support they need to invest in energy efficiency, saving energy and money for families and businesses across the country,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu stated in a press release.

Through the network, DOE, EPA and other member organizations will assist states with their energy efficiency initiatives, including residential efficiency programs, financing solutions, and improving availability of energy usage information. According to the press release, the network will drive energy efficiency by using a broad set of goals developed in the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency and strive to reach these goals five years earlier than originally envisioned. These goals range from establishing state-of-the art billing systems that provide consumers with consistent information on their energy use and costs to developing strong state policies to ensure robust energy efficiency practices.

This is a refreshing, yet simple way to spur dialogue among all levels of government and result in idea sharing and problem solving in one collaborative space. It could also become a place for ideas to acquire sea legs and become more widely distributed.

The new SEE Action Executive Group will meet for the first time in early March. A number of working groups will continue to meet throughout the year to deliver results on specific goals.
I look forward to seeing the results that come out of these meetings and hope to help businesses work with the government to implement them at the state and local level.


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