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NSI Acquires Leading Public Affairs Firm

Washington, D.C. — March 10, 2009 — National Strategies, LLC (NSI), a nationally recognized business-to-government consulting firm that provides companies with the strategy and hands-on resources to understand and access government contracts, announced today the acquisition of the Edison Group, a leading public affairs firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

“NSI is the leader in transforming businesses — we have driven over $6.5 billion in revenue for our clients, and we’ve been instrumental in achieving growth through using the legislative and regulatory process to create policy driven revenue,” said Donna Harris, COO of NSI. “The Edison Group acquisition adds grassroots, grasstops, coalition building and a variety of communication services to our portfolio, further enhancing our ability to drive results for our clients.”

With this acquisition, NSI is the only U.S. firm with the capabilities to drive revenue, execute legislative and regulatory strategies, and leverage public affairs in any state and local market in the country. NSI’s expertise and external relationships include over 1,000 bipartisan consultants in every state capital, major city and county across the U.S., which the company leverages to pursue sales for its clients and influence policy through legislative and regulatory activities. The acquisition of the Edison Group, now known as NSI’s Public Affairs, adds an additional 1,000 community organizers, who are aligned by congressional district and can be called on as needed to execute grassroots, grasstops and other public affairs campaigns. The result is an unparalleled ability to create revenue, expand or protect markets, and mobilize support for initiatives from leaders within communities.

“We have known and watched NSI achieve success for its clients for almost a decade,” said Darren Katz, Principal of the Edison Group. “We cannot think of another organization with the depth and breadth of NSI, both by sector and in every geographic market around the country, which provides a broad range of services all designed to help clients create opportunities and solve problems. It’s very exciting to be part of this results-oriented team, where our public affairs services can add to the success stories.”


For more information, please contact Heather Sabharwal at hsabharwal@kglobal.com or 202-349-7016.