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NSI Homeland Security & Public Safety expert to offer expertise at conference

Washington, D.C. — March 2, 2010 — Paul M. Joyal, an internationally-recognized authority and noted commentator on the former Soviet Union, Intelligence and Terrorism, who leads the Homeland Security & Public Safety Practice for National Strategies, LLC (NSI), will moderate a panel on cyber security and conduct a session on predictive policing at the upcoming GovSec/U.S. Law Conference this month in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Joyal, a featured speaker at past GovSec/U.S. Law conferences, was selected to moderate the General Session panel on Cyber Espionage and Criminal Hacking at this year’s conference, planned for March 23-24 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Mr. Joyal will conduct the opening session of the new Conference Track 4 on Law Enforcement Case Studies and Tactics: “Session LE-1: From Intelligence-Led Policing to Predictive Policing: How Technology and Information Fuse a New Paradigm.”

“The key to defending our nation against potentially disastrous impacts of cyber espionage and criminal hacking is understanding how in today’s world, the distinction between government intelligence organizations, business and criminal organizations is no longer easily identifiable. Understanding the mind of the hacker is an important aspect for defense, for it is a not an individual, it is a network,” says Joyal. “Our government is paying more attention and committing more resources to solving this problem via a $17 billion cyber security initiative passed by Congress. However, the road to success in this endeavor is steep and long.” This year’s GovSec/U.S. Law conference will help build our awareness of the issue and, ultimately, lead to solutions within the public and private sectors that put us several steps ahead of hackers’ criminal minds.”

As organizer and moderator of the General Session, Mr. Joyal will guide a panel of experts in a discussion of how a nexus of crime, business and intelligence presents a threat to individuals as well as public and private sector companies that is magnified by our IT-dependent world. During the session, experts from the United States and England will illustrate how cyber vulnerabilities provide myriad opportunities for criminal corporate espionage terrorists and intelligence organizations to steal information, money and secrets for a variety of purposes as well as inflict damage on infrastructure.

Mr. Joyal has expertise in business development with law enforcement and national security entities nationwide. He served as a federal law enforcement officer and as director of security for the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence from 1980 to 1989. His career includes a range of consultation services to a number of Fortune 100 firms pursuing opportunities in the former Soviet Union, Turkey and Iraq. He is also a frequent commentator on ex-Soviet Union, counter-terrorism and intelligence affairs for BBC, ABC, NBC, Dateline, Nightline, Cross Fire, TIME, Newsweek and other media outlets. At past GovSec/U.S. Law conferences, he presented "Net Centric Public Safety, How Technology and Intelligence methods are changing Law Enforcement Management and Operations for Homeland Security" and “The Threat of State Sponsored Terrorism with Marinia Litvinenko.” Last year, he organized the “The Brave New World of the five-day Russo-Georgia War: Where Cyber and Military Might combined for War Fighting Advantage” with the National Security Advisor of Georgia. For the first time, it was revealed that cyber criminals from the Russian Business Network (RBN) had participated in a coordinated cyber attack against Georgia before and during military operations.

Mr. Joyal has a long history of expertise in the former Soviet Union. In 1998, he represented the Georgian Government before the U.S. Congress and Departments as Georgia’s first lobbyist. Mr. Joyal also served as expert advisor to the Security and Defense Committee of the Georgian Parliament and the Chairman of the National Security Council and Minister of Defense. He was decorated with the Georgian government’s highest civilian award, “The Order of Honor” for his service promoting Georgian independence, security and integration with the Western world. He also served as the editor and chief of the Daily report on Russia and the former Soviet Republics for ten years.
Mr. Joyal’s commitment to public safety includes participation in a variety of law enforcement, professional positions and appointments. He has served as Operations Director for Remington Elsag Law Enforcement Systems in its national rollout and on Governor Martin O’Malley’s transition team for Public Safety. He is currently the President of the State of Maryland Chapter of the FBI InfraGard and was recently elected to the National InfraGard broad of directors. Mr. Joyal currently serves on the Prince Georges County Law Enforcement Task Force and on the GovSec/U.S. Law Conference and CyberWATCH advisory boards. His professional associations include the International Chief’s of Police Association; the American Society for Industrial Security International; and the Major City Chief’s organization.


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