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NSI Launches Stimulus Opportunity Roadmap Service

New Consulting Service Provides Competitive Edge for Business to Government Sales

Washington, D.C. — February 6, 2009 — National Strategies (NSI), a nationally recognized business-to-government consulting firm headquartered in Washington, DC announced today its newest service offering, the Stimulus Opportunity Roadmap, a custom service designed for companies looking to establish a presence or increase sales in the US State and Local Government market.

The Stimulus Opportunity Roadmap Service is designed to help companies identify how the upcoming stimulus funds will be spent, identify targeted lists of the most relevant state and local projects that are likely to be funded, and develop a strategy for executing on these opportunities in order to drive revenue.

“As the Senate and House work to reconcile their versions of the stimulus plan, companies are struggling with so many questions — how and when the funding will flow, what projects will be funded what does it mean for their specific business, what they should be doing now to prepare,” said Donna Harris, COO of NSI. “The Stimulus Roadmap Service came about because our clients were asking for help in translating the broad Washington DC discussions into business reality and specific strategies for executing.”

The Stimulus Roadmap service melds three unique aspects of NSI in order to provide each client with a custom program for leveraging the stimulus bill as a tool for driving near- and long-term sales:

NSI’s teams of industry experts, led by executives with the highest levels of state and local government experience in Technology, Energy & Sustainability, Public Safety, Transportation & Infrastructure, Healthcare, and Education.
A proprietary database of the 20,000+ state and local projects that are vying for stimulus funding. The database is updated daily with the latest project lists and it is pre-classified by NSI’s expert teams so that the information can be analyzed in the most relevant ways for each individual company.
NSI’s nationwide network of over 2,000 state and local government consultants, located in every state capitol and every major city and county across the country, providing on-the-ground intelligence and insight.


For more information, please contact Heather Sabharwal at hsabharwal@kglobal.com or 202-349-7016.