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NSI Wins Prestigious Pollie Award for Campaign Excellence

SANTA MONICA, CA — March 17, 2009 — At the 17th Annual Pollie Awards and conference held on March 17, 2009, NSI’s public affairs team was honored with the Silver Pollie Award by the American Association of Political Consultants for their work on the Georgians for Community Redevelopment. You can access the case study on the NSI website at www.nationalstrategies.com.

These awards are the highest honors the political consulting and public affairs community awards to the best in the business. This year more than 450 consultants from around the nation and 14 visiting countries attended the three-day conference which featured the trends, technology and creative techniques that are playing out in this exciting political year.

This year’s Pollie Awards also attracted more entrees than ever before — more than 1250 individual entries. Indeed, competition was stiff and the judging even stricter. Political and public affairs professionals entered their “best of show” entries online — and seasoned professionals from throughout the country went online to judge the materials with no knowledge of who had entered the materials. The judges’ tallies were added in Washington, D.C. by the AAPC staff, and winners were announced at the Pollie Awards dinner on Saturday night at Loew’s Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

“This entry went to the point of our work: it was clean, professional, unique and successful in capturing what we endeavor to do: produce creative work that cuts through the clutter of all the messages out there,” said Tony Fazio, President of the American Association of Political Consultants, “and this winning work will be posted on our website (theaapc.org) for the world to see what we think best work really is.”

The American Association of Political Consultants is the nation’s largest organization of political and public affairs professionals, representing the best in the business. We elect the world’s leaders; we help democracies engage their citizens.

Members conduct public research, devise campaign strategies that move messages, target key audiences, create media and materials, and ensure democracies are accountable to their publics.

The prestigious Pollie Awards is sponsored by Yahoo! and is the AAPC�s signature annual event recognizing the best in political and public affairs communications in 175 different categories each year.

“We are thrilled about receiving the Pollie Award,” said Darren Katz, Principal for NSI’s public affairs team. “It’s really an honor to be recognized by our peers in the industry for the work we are doing. Our winning campaign was based on the smart tactical use of limited funds and even more important, we were able to execute on a winning strategy that delivered results to our client.”

The AAPC (www.aapc.org) is a multi-partisan trade association with over 2,500 members from all fifty states, territories and other countries. Membership reflects a wide range of ideologies, partisan affiliations, and professional specialties, and includes students and academics.


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