Developing Strategy to Drive Technology

NSI’s technology sector promotes innovative solutions and develops strategic and focused opportunities for technology businesses with interest in selling their products and services to state and local government agencies. From Fortune 100 organizations to small entrepreneurial businesses, many technology companies find value in NSI’s ability to accelerate revenue opportunities and capture market share in the government marketplace reaping large contracts that typically endure a long lifespan.

NSI’s technology team is comprised of experts who understand the business of technology and the priorities of government technology leaders. NSI knows how to navigate through the state and local agencies and provides its clients with results-driven formulas for success.

NSI services include:

  • Conducting research to assess markets and identify specific sales opportunities for new technology adoption
  • Prioritizing market opportunities to accelerate success
  • Assembling the ideal local teams to assist in winning contracts in prioritized markets
  • Developing and implementing strategic sales campaigns
  • Training sales and marketing teams on effective public sector selling strategies
  • Utilizing the legislative and regulatory process to create or expand markets or solve problems
  • Building effective corporate partnerships, advisory boards and other strategic relationships
  • Assisting with marketing and public relations programs, trade shows, conferences and other strategies to expand brand awareness and drive business in the public sector