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The 2009 Budget Outlook: States in Crisis

Washington, D.C. — January 8, 2009 — National Strategies, LLC (NSI), a nationally recognized business-to-government consulting firm headquartered in Washington, DC today released the results of its special research report, The 2009 Budget Outlook: States in Crisis. The report is based on extensive, first-hand cultivation of information from each of the 50 state’s Budget Offices, with emphasis on identifying strategies each state plans to employ to address their 2009 projected shortfalls.

“With the economy in crisis, it is no secret that nearly every state faces a major deficit for 2009,” said Tim Onoff, President of NSI. “What is less clear is the effect the current economic climate will have on companies trying to do business in the public sector. We did extensive outreach in order to help our clients understand how public sector budgets are being impacted by the economic downturn, how the affected governments are dealing with these impacts and what businesses must do to survive and even thrive during these turbulent times.”

In an effort to help address these questions to optimally position NSI’s clients, NSI’s research team, working in conjunction with NSI’s nationwide Consultant Network, conducted extensive outreach and interviews with each of the 50 state Budget Offices to gather specific data regarding each state’s specific situation, forecasts, and go-forward plans. The information was analyzed by NSI’s strategists and industry experts in each of the company’s National Sector Practices to determine the impact of each state’s unique situation on NSI’s clients’ businesses and formulate strategies for each client to ensure continued success in the public sector. The result is a 90-page report, The 2009 Budget Outlook: States in Crisis, which is available for free download at NSI’s website.

“The silver lining is that the depth of this crisis has the attention of the new Presidential administration, and the proposed economic stimulus package will bring upward of $850 billion in new funds to state and local government,” continued Onoff. “Those companies that recognize the opportunity and come prepared to quickly meet the needs of the states will reap the rewards.”


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